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The best social network for advertising about holiday rentals traffic augmente is the 1st social network about holiday rentals, accommodations and Bed & Breakfast. It is THE rising website about « Holiday » ! With a strongly increasing audience (Google analytics stats) : :
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The Traffic share from Search Engines and direct access are increasing (Google analytics stats).


The size of the accommodation owners and clients community is increasing strongly because the members are frequent users.


When an internet user registers at, he usually connects frequently again when the holiday time approaches.


Our growth perspectives are HUGE.




Rent a holiday house with the social network users speak these languages (Google analytics stats) :


Users Languages    % Visits    % Viewed Pages   
French 37% 40%
English 50% 48%
Dutch* 2% 2%
German* 10.5% 9%
Italian* 3% 3%
Spanish* 2% 2%
Danish* 1% 1%

*these versions have only been published on the 30/06/2011.


When you chose to advertise on, your ads are also shown on 18 other websites dedicated to the camping world :                          in Search Engines Communauté des locations de vacances

Our members are the users who registered at and who frequently connects to the website.


Main european countries among the Holiday321.commembers nationalities (from the most frequent to the less frequent) :


France > United Kingdom > South Africa > USA > Italy > Belgium > Netherlands > Germany > Australia > Spain > Switzerland > Canada > Ireland > Denmark > Morocco > Portugal > New Zéland


As a conclusion : members are mostly composed of french and english speaking people from 25 to 64 year old.