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Oncle's invitation

Write down the goals of your online campaign : 

  • promoting your products and your services?
    • use the Internet in order to set up your advertising campaign?
      • minimize your advertising budget while achieving your goals?


The MOTW advertising network helps you communicate on the Webtarget users who will see your ads and set your advertising campaign on the many sites of the MOTW network.


Optimize your communication strategy, whatever your budget : 


  1. focus your communication with individuals and / or professionals
  2. specify the nationality of your target by choosing the language of the pages where your ads will run
  3. broadcast your ads on geographic areas corresponding to your business
  4. select the appropriate options in order to enjoy the full benefits of your advertising budget
  5. analyze the statistics of your campaign in real time
  6. manage your campaign by changing your pictures and your advertising message throughout your needs.



The friendly atmosphere of "social network" communities will help you set up special relationship with your audience, thanks to many original features.


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